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I recently had the opportunity to read The Immune, Doc Lucky Meisenheimer’s debut novel, which is set for release this May and is currently available for pre-sale order on Barnes & Nobles.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not much of a sci-fi fan, but I found myself having difficulty putting it down.  And quite honestly, if a novel can keep me that interested, I’m all for it.   

A genuine page-turner, Doc Lucky’s The Immune offers enticing plot turns and well-developed characters that attract and engage readers from all ages and backgrounds. This novel will garner substantial interest to demand a sequel or screenplay. The humor, action, surprises, and suspense create a fantasy world any reader will find difficult to pull away from. With underlying themes that address justice and injustice along with government corruption and escalating control, The Immune is not just any sci-fi adventure, but also an intriguing look into human drive for survival and revenge during a time of disaster and loss.

Doc Lucky has managed to create some of the most exciting characters with John Long (“The Immune”) and Admiral Beckwourth pushing readers to root for the good guys. With this sci-fi debut, Doc Lucky has created a compelling landscape where nothing is what it seems and determination goes a long way when human existence is at stake.